Dangerously Delicious Craft Caramels

I was getting married, and for my October wedding I wanted caramel apples...but not just regular caramel apples, my beautiful October wedding was elegant with a hint of spooky, pumpkins, bats, candles, lanterns, lights, velvet, steamy, gothic, romantic in other words perfect and I wanted my wedding favors to reflect that, so my caramel apples had to be beautiful but spooky and they were amazing!

Everyone loved them so much..I had already had an Etsy shop and I thought..why not...
who would appreciate the labor of these beautiful apples...Etsians..

But then I found out not everyone thinks that Halloween themed apples or caramel apples in general are a year round item I was very busy around Halloween but not the rest of the year..so I dabbled and dabbled more and more and more...and voila, flavored caramels on a shortbread cookie...basically a Twix, but so much better.

So now this is my full time job..I have my Etsy shop, my website, facebook, twitter, instagram..and I sell locally at farmers markets... I love what I do :)

all of this because I married my best friend...Score :)